Promote Your Brand Through Pinterest 2019

Are you using Pinterest to help market your business?

Just in case you’re not familiar with Pinterest… it’s an online tool to help you collect and organise pictures and images that inspire you.

Although the website is popular with individuals, it’s proving to be a great business tool as well – it can raise the visibility of you and your brand.

As it’s a fast growing social media site (with over 70 million users) it’s considered to be an essential marketing tool for businesses.

Through Pinterest you can create a series of theme boards ranging from personal interests to business services and products.

You decide whether you want your boards to be public or secret. I use secret boards to curate ideas for future events, travel and style.

My public boards include business tips, business articles, images for my events and related areas of interest for small business owners such as office environments, entrepreneurial style, business travel and working from home.

For many users Pinterest is a way to share new ideas by pinning and repining pictures and images. And like blogs you can raise your profile by liking and adding comments to pins.

Although you can’t buy products directly from Pinterest it’s a great marketing and brand awareness tool as your Pins can be seen, pinned and re-pinned by thousands of other users.

So how do you get the best out of Pinterest? Here are 10 tips to try out…

  1. Pin at least daily to maintain your visibility. I notice that whenever I spend time curating my boards I attract more followers, likes or repins. It’s worth investing 5 or 10 minutes to get noticed.
  2. Give others a feel for you and your brand by creating boards with images that reflect your values and qualities. Are you fun and quirky, modern and stylish, expensive and luxurious?
  3. Include pins with links back to your blog posts and articles. When someone clicks on the image it will take them to the original article or website.
  4. Include a link to your Pinterest boards from your website and use Pinterest buttons so that others can pin directly from your site.
  5. To increase your exposure you can Tweet your pins either directly from Pinterest or through your usual Twitter posts and Followers UK.
  6. Create secret boards that only you or your team can view. It’s a great way to share ideas for new projects, brand designs, locations and events.
  7. Include a vision board for your business and lifestyle. Although you can keep this secret and for your eyes only, making it available to others will give them an insight into the interests, goals and aspirations of the person behind the brand.
  8. Add a board which tells the story or gives the background on your company. Innocent Drinks include things they’ve learned about being in business as well as their approach to sustainability.
  9. If you are hosting a workshop or event or just want to provide news updates then you can add images, photographs and videos that generate excitement and interest
  10. Provide access to your free content such as video, audio or radio shows by pinning an image with a link back to your recordings

As visual marketing is on the increase Pinterest is a simple addition to your marketing and branding toolkit, that offers a way to positively share your ideas, services and products. For More Information Please Visit

How to Get More Quality Followers on Instagram For Your Business 2019

Hi there and welcome to this here article on how to get more quality Instagram followers for your business. Now, I need to stress some things before we proceed:

  1. This is all opinion based on what we’ve done here at The Design Loft
  2. The goal is quality followers, not just any old followers
  3. This post assumes you’re au fait with the Instagram basics, @replies, #tags etc…

So, here we go.

When we started using Instagram a few months ago I have to be honest, we didn’t know the best way to use it. Was Instagram a chat tool? Was is just another fad (and actually, is it still?!)?, can we use it as a selling tool or what?

Well, it transpires that we just use it as a bit of a marketing tool.

So how do we get these quality Cheap Instagram Followers UK? Here’s a bit of a check list, and we’ll go through each item….

  1. Make your page look good, make it succinct and do not fill it with spam
  2. Make sure you post quality Post yourself
  3. Start following relevant people
  4. Get involved in your Instagram community
  5. Make sure you have the right tools

1 – Make your page look good, make it succinct and do not fill it with spam

This is the first and easiest thing you can do. Create a background for your Instagram page that contains your logo, any relevant contact details and a bit about what you do. Keep your branding in place and do not, I repeat do not treat this as an advertising board. In our opinion people don’t come to Instagram to buy, so don’t try to sell.

2 – Make sure you post quality Posts yourself

This the the hardest thing to get to grips with I think. It’s easy to post Posts about mundane, almost self indulgent topics; in fact if you look on our timeline you’ll probably see a few there like that from us!

Avoid “We are having an awesome week and have just won 2 tenders!” and go for something more like “Busy productive week, had some tender news and encourage anyone unsure how to write a tender to get in touch”


People won’t read what you have to say if all you say is about either how well you’re doing or how many cups of tea you’ve had today. This is not the Facebook status box! Of course mention when something goes well, but do just that, mention it. Don’t harp on about it.

Give people something of perceived value, as an example we try to post every week with some free SEO tips or email marketing tips and so on. This way you make your Posts valluable and more people are likely to favourite them. If you come across a useful tool on the web, Post it! People will start to come back to you. Remember to use the Instagram #tags to good effect too!

3 – Start following relevant people

We’re a bunch of SEO geeks from Sheffield, and we Post to boot. Sure we all have personal Instagram accounts where we follow people we’re interested in, but we never follow (for example) Jon Bon Jovi through The Design Loft.

He wouldn’t be interested in what we have to say so he’d never follow us back!

Apply the same to your account; if you’re a beauty therapist then follow other beauty therapists or industry related people, people or businesses you’d want to receive news and advice from. Because you’re in a similar industry or the people you follow need / want to take an interest in what you have to say, the people you follow are more likely to follow you back.

Remember, Instagram is global. So why not do a quick search or monitor trends for things you’re interested / involved in and get following?!

4 – Get involved in your Instagram community

Don’t just Post and leave. Read what your Buy Instagram Followers UK are posting and get involved; re-post things you find interesting or useful, @reply people and generally be a part of the Instagram verse.

5 – Make sure you have the right tools

This is really personal preference. Using the Instagram online interface can be a little cumbersome if you’re an active Post, so do a quick Google search and find yourself a quality Instagram desktop client.

We like

Some of this stuff is really just common sense, some of it has been found by trial and error and some of it you may disagree with. This is all based on opinion only but we have ourselves built up a nice following of quality and interactive people and businesses on Instagram. If you’re successful in achieving a quality following and postign quality Posts then you will establish yourself as a voice to be heard, and more importantly, trusted in your chosen area.

The worst you can do is give it a go and see how it works for you!

What Is Instagram? Understanding How To Instagram And Why You Should Bother 2019

Instagram is basically a hybrid between a microblogging platform and an instant message or Internet chat program. Think of Instagram as a global chatroom where you can talk to anybody else on Instagram by simply typing @ in front of their username.

Another popular analogy is of an ongoing, giant cocktail party, where you can either make the rounds and mingle, or be a lurking wallflower, as you see fit. I recently advised an artist client of mine to think of it as the Internet equivalent of a gallery showroom where she could mingle and make small talk with her guests.

Simply put, Instagram is a way to talk to people and get to know them better, to stay informed of the activities of others, and to keep others informed of your own activities. Instagram is NOT a one-way medium. It’s not a bullhorn where you just shout out news and links about yourself, your web site or your business. There are people who use it that way, but those people are doomed to failure. Sure, they might have hundreds or even thousands of Buy Instagram Followers UK, but chances are really excellent that the majority of those followers simply followed them back to be polite, and now either tune them out by skimming over their Post, or use lists to filter them out completely.

You don’t want followers who aren’t going to listen to what you have to say. And if all you have to say is, “Look at me! Buy my stuff!”, nobody is going to listen. First and foremost, Instagram is a tool to engage with people. Instagram allows people to see the “real” you, the human being behind the company or brand. By talking to people on Instagram, initiating or joining conversations, and helping people out by Repost their Post and links, you turn followers into fans. In turn, those fans can become customers, because they trust you and want to help you out.

If you run a company, Instagram is also a good way to handle customer service, to control your brand reputation by monitoring-and responding to-what people are saying about you on Instagram. Instagram can be useful in other surprising ways, as well. If you be yourself and have fun with it, you might make actual friends through Instagram. Instagram is great at helping you find resources or answers to problems. I’ve gotten help with web design code problems just from posting my problem on Instagram. Other people have had companies respond helpfully to tweets complaining about poor customer service. There are some amazing stories about people being helped, both personally and professionally, by their Instagram network. The point is this: don’t underestimate the power of the Instagram  verse. The point is also this: these are not people you want on your bad side and Buy Instagram Followers UK .

How to Get More Quality Followers on Instagram For Business Purposes 2019

Many people or entrepreneurs are using Instagram to promote their business or products. If you are learning how to use Instagram to expand your business effectively, then you will get some great tips in this article. I will share with you some great ways for you to get more and more quality followers on Instagram that will help you in your business and earn more money on Instagram. They are the real people who will respond to you, read your Post and even buy the products that you recommend on Instagram. Please beware that I am not highlighting on the quantity of followers, but the quality of Buy Instagram Followers UK that you will get.

Firstly, let me show you one of the greatest mistakes that most Instagram users are doing that will seriously stop them from getting good followers on Instagram. What are they doing? They promote their products or affiliate products in their every Post! Some people even worse that they only Post the same thing everyday, for hoping that other people will buy products from their link and make money easily without much effort. If you are doing it also, please stop it! You are abusing and spamming your Buy Instagram Followers UK and no people will like to see you. After some time, good people will unfollow you and for those who stay with you are spammers like you also. Your remaining followers are hard promoters who will never read your Post.

Secondly, you have to learn how to share interesting and useful Post on Instagram. The major reason of why other people are following you is because of your Post. You can have fancy Instagram background with nice and great photos, but that is for the first time attraction for other people to follow you. For the rest of the days, your followers will look at you from your Post. If you Post like a hard promoter, they will eventually leave you. So, Post some tips or guides of your expertise. If you have a good product, share the pros and cons about the product. If you have a blog, share some experience on the way you use the product. From your Post, your followers will eventually recognize you as an expert in certain field, and they will seek your advice if they face problems.

Thirdly, be fully utilizing the advantage of blogs. Do not worry if you are lazy to write a blog, because I am one of the busy people who have no time to update my blog frequently also. You have no time to write long stories or articles on your blog, but how about leaving short comments on other people blogs, like mine? When you are leaving a comment, end it with a short sentence like “I am on Instagram” with your Instagram user name below it. Most blog owners will allow you to do so, as long as you are not promoting your products in their blog. This is a friendly method to convert other people’s blog visitors into your Instagram followers and even your blog visitors. When you get those followers, it is your chance to interact with them and introduce yourself to them on Instagram through your Post.

Conclusion, in order to success on Instagram, it is not very depending on the quantity but the quality of followers that you get. To promote your business or product effectively on Instagram, you need some guidance, tools, and marketing strategies.

In order to learn more on how and what to do everyday on Instagram, welcome to get a comprehensive guide for yourself at can read and learn more about Instagram in my blog

Followers On Instagram 2019

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social media site that allows people who follow each other to communicate through Post. It is sometimes called microblogging. The term is derived from blogging but as you are limited to 140 characters a lot of the information is concise and to the point.Many people can’t get to grips with Instagram. They have difficulty in understanding its use. Its implications apart from its social use are enormous. Instagram as it is some times called is leading the way in world communication. If something big is happening around the world, whether an important court case, political event, disaster, sporting event you are most likely to hear about it on Instagram before it hits the news.

Now on the Business side, Instagram becomes a very powerful tool as businesses compete for customer base. If we accommodate the notion just for a minute that “customers buy from people they know and trust”, you can see how important a tool Instagram becomes to business as an auxiliary to their marketing strategy. The more Instagram Followers  you have on Instagram the more potential customers you have as a business.

It is very simple to get Buy Instagram Followers UK, the difficult task however, is to convert these Instagram Followers to paying customers. The technique of converting Instagram Followers to paying customers is not that difficult. If we assume that these people are following your Post because they have some interest in the product or service you are promoting. Then it stands to reason that if you engage them in conversation and they get to know you and trust you, that if they need the product or service that you are promoting, they will buy from you.

Social Media has revolutionised the way we do business. Companies like Pepsi and Starbucks are leaders in the social media field and are reaping the benefits of having thousands if not millions of Instagram followers. It is important that smaller businesses begin to realise that they need to adopt a policy to integrate social media sites like Instagram  as part of their Marketing strategy, if they want to stay a head of the pack.

Instagram is revolutionising the way we do Business. A Business regardless of its size needs to have more Buy Instagram Followers UK. If your business is looking at staying a head of the pack Instagram adder Is a product that is cheap and can help you automate the hole procedure.