3 Ways to Find Targeted Followers on Twitter

I was bit skeptical while joining twitter as I thought it would be something similar to the other social networking/micro blogging sites where bloggers will share their URLs. The main reason behind this mind-set was Facebook and the other social media platforms where I always spotted number of newbie bloggers sharing their URLs. It was in the month of June, 2019 when I realized the real importance of being on twitter and finding targeted followers on twitter. In case of twitter, the process of finding targeted followers remains identical to the Facebook likes or Google +1s. You just need to roll the dice according to the requirements and keep it going. Following are the 3 ways to find targeted followers on Twitter.

Finding Targeted twitter followers

Active participation

Every platform that makes use of interactions requires active participation from you and your followers. Twitter is definitely not an exception to this. You got to be active with your twitter followers and follow what they are tweeting about. At the same time, jumping into the conversations could be beneficial. Organizing your twitter followers is another good way of maintaining your twitter account. To ensure the active participation, you can ask your followers certain questions regarding blogging activities, technological questions and so on.

Make use of Search

There is a purpose to why Twitter uses hash-tags. Twitter search has the power to bring you the targeted tweets in no time. How do these hash-tags help in finding these targeted tweets? These hash-tags will definitely let you know more about twitter profile. When you are tweeting about something, don’t forget to make use of hash-tags.

Remeber, when you’re searching for tweets using hash-tags; there could be someone else using the same technique.

Example – #android, #blogging

Twitter chats

Organizing a twitter chat is one of the great ways of interacting with your followers. This will impress your blog readers and may result in valuable recommendations. You can make use of certain keywords with hash-tags and they will certainly grab the attention of targeted twitter followers. Following are the platforms that can be used for organizing twitter chats.

• Hootsuite

• TweetDeck

• Tweetchat.com

It is also important to participate in twitter chats that are being conducted by other fellow bloggers. This will also lead to finding out new targeted followers on twitter.

Bonus tip

Tweet very often

You are not a robot to tweet on certain time intervals. You got to tweet after good interval of time but you should keep this trend going as you go ahead. No matter what happens, Sunday or holiday; you should never stop tweeting.

When you are tweeting you got to be careful of the time.Find out in which region your twitter followers are living(or your blog traffic is coming) and set your tweets accordingly. It would look foolish if you are targeting traffic from USA and tweeting when they are asleep. Minimum of two tweets are expected from your end every day.

I am sure that these 3 ways including the bonus tip would help you to find targeted twitter followers UK . It’s a good practice to follow your followers but you need to be careful of the ratio. Try not to follow more than 20% of followers of yours. For example, if 1000 people are following you then you can follow 1200 followers. This is to ensure that your twitter account doesn’t get suspended. For More Information Please Visit http://epicfollowers.co.uk/

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