What It Takes to Build A Loyal Following Using Twitter 2020

You may experience a situation where you befriend people in your community, and then as time goes on, you begin to trust them, and would even buy from them. The same can be said about Twitter. It is about building relationships with people and getting them to trust you before you prompt them into buying from you. To make the most from using Twitter any internet marketing should have a squeeze page and blog in place already before they start using Twitter to get followers UK.

It is so much easier to build a following when you have something of value to offer. In addition, you should already be an active member within the Twitter community. People will be more keen to follow you if they see that you are a respected entity on Twitter.

Once you have a blog, website or squeeze page in place where you can direct your followers to, it gets so much easier to build your list of followers. The easiest way to start would be to incorporate your existing email contact list. You can bet that you will be pleasantly surprised to see just how many of the people on your email list are already devoted tweeters, which means they will be eager to follow you.

Following that you should learn how to participate in the various Twitter based communities. For popular directories that you can use to broaden your horizons you should use “The Complete Guide To Twitter Traffic” to show you how easy you can build a following using these. Some of these would even include a search tool as well as the top 100 people and the top 100 favorites that are being followed on Twitter.

How to Automate Your Marketing with Twitter

When using Social Oomph you could easily automate your list building process as it will allow you to send automated messages directly to those who begin to follow your updates. The message that is automated can be very useful as you could direct your new followers to your blog, website or even your squeeze page where your free report, article content or eBook will be awaiting them. As long as your product offers something of value, you are sure to build a list of loyal followers on Twitter.

The last thing you should be doing is to give away a product that is saturated online like some of the outdated PLR content you get. Rather do something original and fresh that is also dated. To be effective with your automated direct messages, you also need to ensure that every tweet is done for the benefit of you Buy Active Followers UK and not just an advert. Your tweets should focus on being entertaining and useful.

Most people would just link to a newsworthy story instead of providing a summary of the event and directing followers to their page so they can see the message you broad-casted instead. This is what we call a passive marketing strategy that seems to work very well when using Twitter. It will drive visitors to you blog where they are more likely to browse and look at how your products or services may benefit them. They may even want to subscribe to your mailing list based on the value you provided.

It is all about giving more so than receiving. If people have come to realize that you care about them, they are more likely to share it with their friends and family which will help you expand your list of followers in the long run. To discover a quick guide that will help you to build a following within your given Niche, you are encouraged to go to “The Complete Guide To Twitter Traffic” eBook where you will soon see what is all needed to accomplish this feat.


Anthony Khoury, Founder of Guerrilla Training UK. Aspiring entrepreneur and marketer. Loves building start ups and small business in general. Just released a book called The Beach Bum Millionaire: How to build a Million Dollar Business The Lazy Way

Systematic Trend Following Is Not For Small Traders

One of the most common suggestions in the world of futures trading is that in order to be successful, you must employ a mechanical trend following system and trade it with strict discipline. Many of the proponents of such wisdom point to the success of some of the biggest names among past and present commodity trading advisors, such as John W. Henry, who now owns the Boston Red Sox. A number of books have been written about the topic of trend following systems in the last decade. Trading system vendors are constantly developing new systems to sell to the public for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, the fact is, the small trader simply can’t afford to trade a mechanical trend following system in the futures markets. Why? The answer is simple… the drawdowns inherent in trading a mechanical system are simply too great for the small trader to handle emotionally and psychologically. Consider this fact… during his career as a commodity trading advisor who employs a systematic trend following strategy, Bill Dunn of Dunn Capital Management, has experienced drawdowns of over 30% at least seven times during a 40 year career, and two of these instances involved drawdowns over 50%. During that period, his compounded annual return was about 18%.

While the compound annual return of Dunn Capital is certainly impressive, most investors would not be attracted to the drawdowns. A 50% drawdown is the equivalent of watching a stock you purchased at $100 fall to $50. This type of volatility is actually similar to how Apple stock has performed since 1990, with similar returns, but how many people have owned Apple stock since 1990?

Most proponents of systematic trend following will then suggest that losses are simply the cost of doing business. They compare systematic trend following to a casino, which has a long term “edge” over its clientele. This indeed is the case, but it is also clear that trend following systems can go through long periods of significant under performance compared to other assets. Since 2009, this has been the case. Aside from 2010, the last four years have been very difficult for most trend followers in the futures markets.

In fact, one could argue that aside from the years 2008 and 2010, trend following performance has been quite mediocre over the last decade starting in 2004. For instance, John W. Henry actually closed his business as a result of volatile returns over the last ten years. Some suggest that this was due to his entry into the world of Major League Baseball. However, this underperformance is also reflected in the decline in assets under management by former Turtle R. Jerry Parker and his Chesapeake Capital Management. Chesapeake’s assets under management in the futures business peaked at over $1.5 billion in 2007, and now stand at just over $300 million. This is according to the performance record posted at Autumngold.com.

Buy Instagram Follower UK

Regardless of this recent performance by many trend followers UK , proponents will suggest that this is the right time to begin investing in such programs. This is likely true. Weak performance for trend followers is often followed by strong performance periods, and this cycle should continue. However, systematic trend following is still not the answer for the small investor or trader who wants to trade their own account, because there will still be significant drawdowns.

Most proponents of systematic trend following will then refer the small trader to the handful of trading psychologists who will then suggest that the trader needs to learn how to detach themselves emotionally from their trading in order to become successful. In other words, they need to learn how to accept these drawdowns of 30% or more as simply part of the process of building wealth.

I am reminded of the parallels to the golf world. It is not uncommon for a professional golfer who struggles to keep his or her tour card, or finds it difficult to perform well on Sunday afternoon when they are in contention, to hire a sports psychologist. I can’t think of any such golfers who then went on to become dominant players. The best players absolutely hate to lose, and never detach themselves emotionally.

Consider this most recent example. Phil Mickelson just won the British Open after a devastating loss in the U.S. Open just one month before. He indicated that he could hardly get out of bed for two days after that loss, yet he bounced back, and won the Scottish Open and British Open on successive weekends. Meanwhile, Lee Westwood, who has never won a major golf championship, blew another opportunity to win the British Open and then suggested “it’s just a game.” He has never won a major after 62 tries. I suspect he will never win a major with that attitude.

Traders, just like golfers, are constantly in search of the holy grail. What many traders are hoping to find is a mechanical trading system that makes all of the decisions for them, and churns out profits month after month. Golfers are often looking for that golf club, training aid, mental thought, or new move for their golf swing that will transform them into scratch golfers. I find it comical when a 20 handicap golfer turns to mental golf tips as if they will translate their awful golf swing into a ball striking machine.

This is why most commodity trading advisors who employ the trend following doctrine will manage their funds with multiple systems in an attempt to smooth out their equity curve. I recently tested two different trading systems on a basket of currency futures. I tested on data back to 1977 and found eleven years where one system made money and the other actually lost money. In numerous other years, the performances varied substantially even if both made or lost money in the given year.

In other words, there is no one mechanical trend following system that works best, and this is a huge reason why the small trader has a difficult time trading a mechanical system. As soon as a drawdown occurs, the trader switches to another system that may have been shown to have performed better when they were undergoing a drawdown with the other system.

With all this in mind, what is the answer? Discretionary trend following! Discretionary trend following simply means trading a strategy that exploits major trends, but is not followed systematically. In other words, there may be a core system of entry and exit signals, but the trader may pass on some trades if he has a set of discretionary rules that imply that the trades have a lower probability of success. The discretionary trader is not concerned with missing out on some trends, but is concerned with preserving capital and waiting for the best opportunities to trade.

One of the big myths in the futures trading world surrounds the legend of the Turtles. The Turtles were a group of traders trained by legendary traders Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt. Many went on to have successful careers as commodity trading advisors, including the aforementioned R. Jerry Parker. The myth is that these traders were given a mechanical trading system to trade futures markets. In fact, they were simply given a set of rules, including mechanical entry and exit rules AND a set of discretionary rules. These strategies were never meant to be traded mechanically.. This is why the performance among this group of traders during the program varied greatly, so much so, that it was even suggested that some traders were given a superior system to trade (this is another myth that one of the traders in the program actually accused Dennis of doing this). Here is the bottom line… successful trading requires very hard work, and the discipline to work hard consistently. Successful trading does not have anything to do with the discipline of following a certain mechanical trend following system as suggested by many authors and traders. Successful trading simply involves having a core set of beliefs, a core strategy if you will, and learning how to beat that core strategy through the use of discretion by learning how to understand price action and the psychology of the markets. While legendary hedge fund manager George Soros clearly looks to swing for the fences and capture big moves in his trading, he clearly does not trade a mechanical trend following system. Scott Cole is a futures trading analyst and researcher with experience in trading . For More Information Please Visit http://epicfollowers.co.uk/

Follow Your Passion May Be Horrible Advice – Decoding The Self-Help Mantra For REAL Success

It’s everyone you look. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, seminars, webinars… The very well intentioned and appealing notion that you and I must follow our passion in life. It’s purposely left very open ended and vague because in reality it’s advice that has very little actual guts to it.

The commonly understood basic equation for follow your passion looks like this. 
If you match your profession or work with a pre-existing interest you will have a happy and fulfilling career. It further goes on to imply that the line between those two points is simple and straight. That with one simple decision you will have the life you’ve always dreamed of. While such one dimensional logic works great in sales letters, pitches, and seminars in real life the theory doesn’t prove true.

Where Did The Follow Your Passion Mess Started?

According to some of Cal Newport’s research the phrase follow your passion began to be seen in writing in the 2013′s, peaked in the 2017′s, and reached a normal element in the business lexicon in the 2019′s.

It’s definitely reached critical mass. Rare is a day that goes by that my Facebook wall isn’t inundated with pictures and quotes that espouse the follow your passion message. In this YouTube video Newport gives an equation for successful career planning that integrates the idea of follow your passion but with some important pieces so often ignored in the typical social media greeting card style messaging we all hear and read and Buy Followers UK.

Follow Your Passion? Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

For Newport the whole follow your passion to have a successful career concept should look like this.

Deeper Desires Outweigh Specific Jobs

Honestly this first part of the equation blew my mind. Research seems to indicate that people who are very content and passionate about their jobs are not hung on the specific job title or industry nearly as much as they are the general lifestyle traits the job or career provides. What? What about follow your passion?

Let’s say your desire for a career is the freedom to be able to work on projects without constant oversight in the process. If a job meets that deeper desire your satisfaction will fuel your desire to follow your passion and help you love your work whatever the job may be. The actual job, company, or industry really doesn’t matter that much. If you can flex your autonomy you’ll be excited about what you’re doing and you’ll do better work.

Get Really Good At Something… Here’s The Catch… It Takes Time

The second part of Newport’s equation is that we must get really good at a particular skill.

It may seem totally offensive in today’s fast food, get it fast with the least amount of work culture, we live in but getting really good at something takes time. You can’t rush mastery.

Newport calls these specialized skills “Career Capitol”. And this is where it gets confused. We look at someone who is very successful and say, “See there, they did it! That’s what happens when you follow your passion. That’s what it takes.” Unfortunately that’s not correct.

Follow Your Passion Means Time and Work

If we look at top performers in any industry from internet marketing to sports they have in most cases spent years perfecting a set of unique skills. They didn’t just follow an empty dream, wish, or passion to become great. They developed a skill so good, so specialized, that they couldn’t be ignored. They did more than listen to the catchphrase of follow your passion. They took action and repeated those actions through practice every single day and Buy Active Followers UK.

Massive action for a day means little. Massive action every day over time, equals massive results.

I think we should spend a lot less time cheerleading our peers and ourselves with the message of follow your passion and instead passionately work to get great at what we do. Someday when we succeed a casual observer may post our picture with a quote on Facebook for inspiration saying “See what happens when you follow your passion!”

That’s a nice thought but we’ll know better.

Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this post please “Share and Like” with others. While you’re at it, connect with me on Facebook.

3 Ways to Find Targeted Followers on Twitter

I was bit skeptical while joining twitter as I thought it would be something similar to the other social networking/micro blogging sites where bloggers will share their URLs. The main reason behind this mind-set was Facebook and the other social media platforms where I always spotted number of newbie bloggers sharing their URLs. It was in the month of June, 2019 when I realized the real importance of being on twitter and finding targeted followers on twitter. In case of twitter, the process of finding targeted followers remains identical to the Facebook likes or Google +1s. You just need to roll the dice according to the requirements and keep it going. Following are the 3 ways to find targeted followers on Twitter.

Finding Targeted twitter followers

Active participation

Every platform that makes use of interactions requires active participation from you and your followers. Twitter is definitely not an exception to this. You got to be active with your twitter followers and follow what they are tweeting about. At the same time, jumping into the conversations could be beneficial. Organizing your twitter followers is another good way of maintaining your twitter account. To ensure the active participation, you can ask your followers certain questions regarding blogging activities, technological questions and so on.

Make use of Search

There is a purpose to why Twitter uses hash-tags. Twitter search has the power to bring you the targeted tweets in no time. How do these hash-tags help in finding these targeted tweets? These hash-tags will definitely let you know more about twitter profile. When you are tweeting about something, don’t forget to make use of hash-tags.

Remeber, when you’re searching for tweets using hash-tags; there could be someone else using the same technique.

Example – #android, #blogging

Twitter chats

Organizing a twitter chat is one of the great ways of interacting with your followers. This will impress your blog readers and may result in valuable recommendations. You can make use of certain keywords with hash-tags and they will certainly grab the attention of targeted twitter followers. Following are the platforms that can be used for organizing twitter chats.

• Hootsuite

• TweetDeck

• Tweetchat.com

It is also important to participate in twitter chats that are being conducted by other fellow bloggers. This will also lead to finding out new targeted followers on twitter.

Bonus tip

Tweet very often

You are not a robot to tweet on certain time intervals. You got to tweet after good interval of time but you should keep this trend going as you go ahead. No matter what happens, Sunday or holiday; you should never stop tweeting.

When you are tweeting you got to be careful of the time.Find out in which region your twitter followers are living(or your blog traffic is coming) and set your tweets accordingly. It would look foolish if you are targeting traffic from USA and tweeting when they are asleep. Minimum of two tweets are expected from your end every day.

I am sure that these 3 ways including the bonus tip would help you to find targeted twitter followers UK . It’s a good practice to follow your followers but you need to be careful of the ratio. Try not to follow more than 20% of followers of yours. For example, if 1000 people are following you then you can follow 1200 followers. This is to ensure that your twitter account doesn’t get suspended. For More Information Please Visit http://epicfollowers.co.uk/

Judge Leaders By Caliber Of Followers And Enemies

Simply because someone in a position of leadership appears to be popular, and appears to have a law number of supporters and followers, does not automatically mean that the individual is a good leader. Historically, we all realize that many corrupt and dysfunctional leaders have had their following, and therefore it is important for us to understand the reasons behind this following. The reality is that many people tend to follow someone because of reasons that are irrelevant to effective leadership, such as personal popularity and personality, oral communication skills, and how well liked they may be. Unfortunately, none of these makes someone a real leader. Dennis A. Peer wrote, “One measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you.”

1. Are your followers the movers and shakers who continuously show their commitment? Are they the ones that create value for others, placing the interest of others, and their organization ahead of their personal self interest? Are they forward looking, positive individuals, who always take personal responsibility, and never either blame others, or behave in a two – faced, dishonest manner? Do they demonstrate absolute integrity? Or, are your followers and supporters the negative, back – stabbing variety? My late mother always taught us that the best way to always have a clearcut idea of whether you are following the right and honorable path, is to evaluate the quality of both your followers and your naysaying enemies. Are the people who don’t like you or what you stand for the type of people who you should even care what they think?

2. What are the motivations of both a leader’s followers and detractors? If a leader remains consistent in his goals, and remains on message, and does not contradict his words by his actions, and his goals are the value – oriented variety, then he will be followed by those with similar intents. Someone’s followers are nearly always a mirror image of those they follow. This means that leaders with good, valuable intent are followed by those of similar mindset. Obviously, the contrary also applies.

How can an organization assure itself that its leaders will attract the right type of following? Only by emphasizing that all effective and real leadership begins with the right attitude, and absolute integrity. Casual observers can gain great insight into what a person is actually all about by looking at the types of people who support him, and why they do so. If support is related to the best interests of the organization, chances are the leader will lead in a positive, valuable manner and Buy Instagram Followers UK .

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, and Director of Development, as well as a consultant. He has professionally run events, consulted to over a thousand leaders, and conducted personal development seminars, for over 30 years. Rich has written three books and well over a thousand articles. His company, PLAN2LEAD, LLC has an informative website http://epicfollowers.co.uk/

How to Use Twitter For Business: Building an Engaged Following 2020

If you are one of the many individuals who have jumped into the exciting world of social media, then I am sure you have heard of the micro blogging site called “Twitter”. Users of this great social networking site send messages known as “Tweets” that are displayed on the author’s profile. These messages are used to engage a group of people labeled as “followers”. These individuals have chosen to keep up with your “tweets.” You are also given the option to follow these individuals in return or follow anyone that you find interesting.

Twitter is a great place to market your business and keep up with your friends. The site has over 25 million users and range from ages 16-45. People from all over the world use twitter as a way to communicate, market and make new friends. One thing all users have in common is their concern for more followers. So, how do you get more followers UK ? The answer is simple:

1. TWEET! Updating your profile and being consistent is one of the most important things you need to do to have success on Twitter.

2. Post relevant content. Make sure you post something that you wouldn’t mind reading yourself. Refrain from comments such as: “washing dishes, folding laundry” these updates will result in a loss of followers.

3. Use proper grammar. Remember the world is watching you. Be sure to use proper punctuation and correct spelling.

4. No profanity. Foul language will drive away your followers and leave a negative impression.

5. Reply back to your followers, let them know that you’re interested in what they have to say. Communication is the key and this will result in building trust among your followers.

6. Follow back! Let your followers know that you appreciate them keeping up with your tweets.

7. Ask other users to recommend your profile and exchange recommendations with them as well.

8. Network with influential twitter users with similar interests. Hold conversation, chances are their followers may be interested in your tweets as well.

9. Monitor your influence. Klout is a very useful tool that allows you to monitor the growth of your influence daily. This can assist you in learning if your content is appreciated by your target audience.

10. Fill out your profile. Make sure your profile is personable. Add a name, photo, bio and link to another social media source for networking purposes. You can also promote your business website. This will increase your followers dramatically.

With these helpful tips you should have more followers on your account in no time.

Increasing your twitter followers can be a simple task. Remember to engage, network and most importantly, have fun!

Maria Gordon is the CEO of Lead Marketing Solutions. She assists businesses and individuals with building a brand for their services and skills. For More Information Please visit http://epicfollowers.co.uk/


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