Promote Your Brand Through Pinterest 2019

Are you using Pinterest to help market your business?

Just in case you’re not familiar with Pinterest… it’s an online tool to help you collect and organise pictures and images that inspire you.

Although the website is popular with individuals, it’s proving to be a great business tool as well – it can raise the visibility of you and your brand.

As it’s a fast growing social media site (with over 70 million users) it’s considered to be an essential marketing tool for businesses.

Through Pinterest you can create a series of theme boards ranging from personal interests to business services and products.

You decide whether you want your boards to be public or secret. I use secret boards to curate ideas for future events, travel and style.

My public boards include business tips, business articles, images for my events and related areas of interest for small business owners such as office environments, entrepreneurial style, business travel and working from home.

For many users Pinterest is a way to share new ideas by pinning and repining pictures and images. And like blogs you can raise your profile by liking and adding comments to pins.

Although you can’t buy products directly from Pinterest it’s a great marketing and brand awareness tool as your Pins can be seen, pinned and re-pinned by thousands of other users.

So how do you get the best out of Pinterest? Here are 10 tips to try out…

  1. Pin at least daily to maintain your visibility. I notice that whenever I spend time curating my boards I attract more followers, likes or repins. It’s worth investing 5 or 10 minutes to get noticed.
  2. Give others a feel for you and your brand by creating boards with images that reflect your values and qualities. Are you fun and quirky, modern and stylish, expensive and luxurious?
  3. Include pins with links back to your blog posts and articles. When someone clicks on the image it will take them to the original article or website.
  4. Include a link to your Pinterest boards from your website and use Pinterest buttons so that others can pin directly from your site.
  5. To increase your exposure you can Tweet your pins either directly from Pinterest or through your usual Twitter posts and Followers UK.
  6. Create secret boards that only you or your team can view. It’s a great way to share ideas for new projects, brand designs, locations and events.
  7. Include a vision board for your business and lifestyle. Although you can keep this secret and for your eyes only, making it available to others will give them an insight into the interests, goals and aspirations of the person behind the brand.
  8. Add a board which tells the story or gives the background on your company. Innocent Drinks include things they’ve learned about being in business as well as their approach to sustainability.
  9. If you are hosting a workshop or event or just want to provide news updates then you can add images, photographs and videos that generate excitement and interest
  10. Provide access to your free content such as video, audio or radio shows by pinning an image with a link back to your recordings

As visual marketing is on the increase Pinterest is a simple addition to your marketing and branding toolkit, that offers a way to positively share your ideas, services and products. For More Information Please Visit

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